Welcome to the National University, Bangladesh Result Archive Website nuacbdresult.com. A large number of students have completed their education under the National University. Many students of National University are studying in various colleges from higher secondary to masters. National University is located in Gazipur, Dhaka. Since the establishment of the head office in 1992, many educational institutions of the country have been controlling it. However, the results of various national university exams are published almost throughout the year. In today’s article you will know how to check National University result.

So, Welcome To The Details About NU Honours, Masters and Degree Result, Where You Will Find All Year Result Information. www.nu.ac.bd is The Official Site For Publishing any Exam Notice, Routine, Result and More. However, Through https://nuacbdresult.com Website, you can Check any Result and Notice Update by the National University, Bangladesh. https://nuacbdresult.com/ is Supported Third-party Website for Helping Students to Get Information.

Honors 1st to 4th year exams are held at different times of the year. So if you know the right rules to see the results you can see the desired results in the fastest time. Apart from Honors, there are various other examinations including Degree, Masters, the results of which are published by the National University Authority at different times of the year. From today’s article you will know the rules to check all exam results.


More than 28 lakh students are studying under various courses of National University. All courses in National University are divided into two categories – General and Professional. They publish the results of any exam on their official website. But there are different ways to view the results. The official website is very busy on the day when any exam results are published. That’s why many people can’t see the result from the website.

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Masters Final year Result
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On the particular day the website is busy for some time there are other ways so that you can see the results. Results can be seen in less time through SMS too. Besides, there are various third party websites that provide alternative ways to view the results.


NU AC BD is the official website of National University, Bangladesh. The result is available on the official website as soon as it is released. National University has Seperate Website link to Publish and Check Result Which WWW.NU.AC.BD/RESULT. But because everyone tries to access the website together, the website becomes slow. Besides, there are various websites from where the results can also be seen. But unfortunately all the websites go down temporarily as a lot of visitors try to log in at once.

Mobile networks are somewhat free when everyone tries on the website. That’s why you can be successful if you try to check the result through SMS. But remember that the website will not be down for the whole day, you will be able to access the website after a few hours.

  • Visit The official Website Link
  • Click The Result Menu or direct Visit Result Page
  • Now Select Your Course (For Example Select Masters)
  • Click The Year Which You want (For Example Click Masters Final)
  • Now Give Your Exam Registration Number
  • Fill Up your Exam Year
  • Type Captcha Code
  • and finally Click Submit Button

After Submit Your Information You Will Get Result With New Pop Window.

You  Can Check Your Result from this 3 Link Which is NU Official: 1) NU.AC.BD/RESULT – 2) RESULT.NU.AC.BD – 3) NU.AC.BD/RESULT

How to Get NU Result by SMS?

It is normal that there is a lot of excitement among the students on the day the results are released. So if they can’t see the results then the tension rises even more. In this case, instead of relying only on the website, try SMS. For this you have to go to the message option of your mobile and type the message according to the particular format and send it to 16222. The result will be displayed in front of you in no time. However, the message may sometimes be a little late as many people try to send messages these days.

Sometimes the message format is wrong but the message fails to provide proper feedback. For this, first of all, you have to type the message in the correct format. If you send the message with the correct format, you will get a quick return message. After checking the result temporarily through a message, you can check the final result from the website after a few hours.

NU Honours Result:

First visit the official website www.nu.ac.bd/results to check the Honors result of any year. However, the website is very busy for a few hours on the first day of the result release. Still you can suddenly get the opportunity to see the results from the website. But the best way is to know the result instantly through phone SMS.

Go to the message option of mobile to check honors results. Then put space after NU and write H1/H2/H3/H4 according to your year. Then enter your roll or registration number with space. Now send the message to 16222.

NU Degree Result:

In order to check the result of the degree examination one has to enter the same website as for Hons. After visiting the website select the degree. But if you fail to see it on the website, don’t forget to see it through SMS. Follow the same rules from any mobile operator and see the results within a very short period of time.

First go to the message option of mobile, write NU there then write DEG with space. Then again give a space and enter your roll number. After typing the message according to the correct format, send it to 16222. Hopefully, you will see the results in the return message.

NU Masters Result:

You have to follow almost the same method for checking NU Masters results. There are two types of candidates in the Masters exam, Regular and Professional. After entering the job website you have to first select which stage you want to see the result. You can check both individual and college wise results from the official website of National University. In case of Individual result, just put your roll and registration number in the specified box. However, college code must be used for college wise results.

It may take some time to see the detailed results from the website. In this case you can easily know your result by sending SMS from mobile. Go to the message option of mobile and write NU then write MF with space. Then again type your roll or registration number with space and send it to 16222.

NU Professional Result:

NU Professional courses have many categories. However, professional courses and regular courses are conducted at completely different times. To check professional course results you must first try the official website of National University. From there after selecting the professional option you can enter roll or registration and view the result.

You can make an account on the website, then you can easily find any result in future. Besides, you can also check the results by sending SMS from mobile. SMS should be sent in almost the same manner as honors or degrees from any operator. Hope you understand how to check National University Professional Course Result. You can check the detailed result from the website after a few hours of checking the SMS.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Can I Check NU Result?

A: The National University Result Can be Found through nu.ac.bd./results Link. Details Instruction are provide Here.

Q: How Can I See NU Result by SMS?

A: Anyone Can See Their NU Result by SMS to Send Prescribe SMS Formate to 16222 Number. Check this link to Each Course and Year SMS Format.

Q: How to get NU Masters Final Year Result 2022?

A: To know the result of NU Masters Final year exam after entering the official website select Masters Final. Then enter your roll and required information in the given box and check the result. Besides, the results can also be seen by sending SMS.

Q: Can You Get NU Honours Result Always On The Official Website?

A: Yes, you can. However, there may be some problem in accessing the website for a few hours on the scheduled day of result publication. But after a few hours you will be able to see the result from the website any time later.